Noelia Island Hunt 2016 – Info

Noelia Island “Relax & Enjoy” Hunt

Date: June 1st – 30th
Cost: free
Theme: Relax & Enjoy!
Hunt Hints: Will have to be found on the island… Noelia’s people and animals will guide you through the hunt.
Start location:
Look for: The Hunt Info Board at Start Location
Organizers: Ida Carlberg & Lyshco Resident

The perfect world is created when the mind is free to see it. – Byron Katie

NOELIA Island Hunt intends to remind you of your inner wisdom. You will find some precious quotes, which you might like or ponder over. Enjoy the atmosphere of the island, the calmness, beauty and peace, while exploring Noelia and hunting for gifts.

Your task is this:
Noelia’s Magic Stone of Wisdom has lost many of its precious, inspirational quotes. Find them! The island’s people and animals will provide you with information about where the next quote might be. Ask them for hints, as the story unfolds. If you find the right animal or person, many will hold a gift for you. Bring the quotes back to the magic stone of wisdom!

If you have questions or need help, join Noelia Island group at the landing spot.
HUNT START: Noelia Hunt Start

Begin by finding KRISTIN. She might be waiting near a SIGN POST close-by.
Click her. A notecard will open with your next hint. Good luck and enjoy!

The amount of knowledge and wisdom available within you is unlimited.
There is no wisdom outside you that is not already within you.

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