Welcome to Noelia Island!

Noelia is a Mediterranean island in Second Life.

Enjoy taking photos, chat on the landing chill out zone, take a spin on the beach dance floor, play community games, take the stairs to find the Tuscan villa on the cliffs, walk through the vineyards and see some of the romantic spots to relax on with a loved one near the shore lines, swim with the dolphins, meditate or simply wander through the enchanting gardens. You might find the haunted caves and the magic stone of wisdom too, which gives you a personal quote to reflect on.

Kayak Adventure on Noelia Island
Check out this beatiful video by Candido Ferraris, filmed on Noelia Island!

Summer with friends – Second Life / Machinima
…filmed at Noelia Island Villa pool area!

Noelia Island has made it into the Second Life Destination Guide
and we couldn’t be happier! You’ll find Noelia listed in the Nature & Parks section of the guide at

Midnight Magpie’s blog article about Nelia Island Hunt 2016

Fabulously Free in SL about Noelia Island Hunt: Island Hopping!

Inara Pey of “Living in a Modemworld”
Inara, eclectic virtual world blogger with a focus on Second Life, VR, virtual environments and technology wrote a great review about Noelia: Mediterranean meditations in Second Life

More blog coverage of Noelia:
SL Fashion Directory – Catwa Aisha
Eddi and Ryce Photograph Second Life
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Ryce Skytower’s Second life

Noelia is featured in a music video
together with Unia, Calas Galadhon and other beautiful sims:

Sean Kagalis (Strum Diesel) – I’m Mother Earth Bitch from Ciambi on Vimeo.

We appreciate your photos of Noelia Island!
You can upload them here on FLICKR:
https://www.flickr.com/groups/noelia_island/pool/  Thank you!

Visit Noelia in Second Life:

Noelia Island

Explore Noelia, a beautiful Mediterranean island. Explore the many romantic spots, take a fun boat ride, relax on the beach, take photos, meditate or simply wander through the enchanting gardens. Don’t miss the the villa and mystic cliff caves. You will find the Magic Stone of Wisdom near the Buddha. Click the rotating diamond for a personal quote to reflect on…

Visit in Second Life


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